Arlington Instrumental/Voice Private Lesson Program offers high quality instruction. Instructors may be in demand and therefore lessons are available according to space in the Instructors' schedule on a first come, first serve basis.


Lessons will only scheduled if full payment is received. If needed, a payment plan can be arranged with the coordinator. Plan must be confirmed before the first lesson.

Cancellation policy:

Lessons are made up ONLY if the teachers need to miss or reschedule or if school is cancelled (i.e. Holidays or snow days).
Lessons are made up in the event that a teacher has to reschedule.  These make ups can be arranged within the week or at the end of the semester.  There are cases when a student needs to miss a lesson.  Here are some guidelines concerning this:

Some teachers in the Program come from far away.  It is important that their schedules be as efficient as possible.  This is why the cancellation policy is so important.  When a student cancels, even with advanced notice, it can disrupt the teacher’s schedule or cause them to lose time out of a busy day. Lessons missed due to illness are at the discretion of the individual teacher but with the understanding that a teacher not be taken advantage of with claims of illness.
If is appears that a student will miss one or more lessons the following considerations should be taken:
The arranged time for a lesson is a space in the teacher’s schedule that is rented.  If the student knows in advance that he/she cannot make the appointed time it should not cost the teacher any undue inconvenience to make up that time.  For example, a “hole” in the teacher’s schedule must be filled by another student or it will be forfeit.  The student who is missing the lesson can arrange this.

Refund policy:

Students can withdraw after up to 2 lessons and will be refunded for the remainder of the lessons. No refund after 2 lessons unless approved by the coordinator. Reassignment to a different teacher is possible as well.